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  • THE SILC Collection 2024

    Pre-order the unique camp hoodie! You are guaranteed of the right fit since you can try all sizes at camp.
    All students finish camp with a Personal Action Plan in which they indicate the skills they would like to develop further and how they plan to do so based on the learning experience at camp. Through the 50 minute one-to-one online webinar our senior trainers follow up on the students progression 1- 2 months post camp and help students continue their progression and apply the skills learnt during daily life, school, social interactions and sports.
    At camp, we are constantly on the move - we walk, hike, run, and jump all around. For these no dull moments, you want support from your friends and some extra love for your feet. THE SILC Socks provide exactly that - making sure you wrap your feet with our signature colours whilst being super comfortable when on the move.
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