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  • THE SILC Collection 2023

    Pre-order the unique camp hoodie! You are guaranteed of the right fit since you can try all sizes at camp.
    The unique SILCy Pom Pom designed with luxury faux is meant to add your camp memories to your key ring, backpack or any other place you feel it fits. THE SILCy, also known as the spirit that stays with all our alumni after camp, is the perfect souvenir to take with you.
    At camp, we are constantly on the move - we walk, hike, run, and jump all around. For these no dull moments, you want support from your friends and some extra love for your feet. THE SILC Socks provide exactly that - making sure you wrap your feet with our signature colours whilst being super comfortable when on the move.
    The many water activities are an integral part of our summer camp, THE SILC Towel is the perfect addition while enjoying water sports; use it as a beach towel, beach blanket, or simply as a picnic accessoire.
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