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Best Junior Summer Camps in Switzerland

Discover Switzerland's Top 10 Best Junior Summer Camps

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Alpine Adventures: Exploring Switzerland’s Top 10 Junior Summer Camps

Embarking on a journey of discovery and enrichment, junior camps in Switzerland redefine the very essence of childhood exploration. These meticulously crafted havens unravel nature’s mysteries while nurturing essential life skills. Dedicated to building a strong foundation, Swiss Junior Camps are saturated with incredible activities that navigate the timeless and pure Swiss nature, as well as historical and peaceful cities.

From languages, tutoring, and sports, to excursions, friendship building and fun, each camp is tailor-made in age accordance. Between day camps, to full week long experiences, the options are vast. This compiled list is full of variety, and has placed rankings, experience, capabilities, education and activities under serious consideration. Your child will have the time of their lives, and create unforgettable moments, but between us, we both know, it’s so much more.

1. Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp

At the peak of this carefully crafted lineup emerges the Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp. An amazing and purposefully designed experience that combines real-time educational experiences with fun, captivating, unforgettable experiences. 

Crafted as a boutique adventure, the Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp invites children ages 7 to 10 to partake in amazing activities designed to help youngsters develop practical skills relating to the basics of teamwork, respect, talent development and proactiveness. Surrounded by a supportive atmosphere, this programme has been specifically curated to help foster confidence in children of these specific ages and shape the way for their growth and learning.  

Nestled amidst the stunning Swiss Alps, this camp introduces a personalised itinerary featuring fun challenges, lively activities, and exciting escapades. It’s carefully designed to cultivate  growth and awareness in an environment where children can flourish, question, and build lasting friendships.

From canyoning and rock climbing to river rafting, glacier climbing and Via Ferrata, each and every day is a testament to personal growth, new perspectives and, most importantly, an awesome adventure.

The one-week Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp, occurring in July, guarantees to pack an entire summer of unforgettable fun into one week of incredible activities in an environment that places fun first. Everything else they pick up along the way will simply be an added bonus! For more details and inquiries, click the link above to connect directly with the camp.

2. Préfleuri Camps

Préfleuri has junior camp experiences for children of many ages. 2 kilometres from Villars-sur-Ollon, it unfolds its chalet experience across 2 hectares of natural playground.

Tailored for ages 3 to 14, the camp blends language, sports, outdoor adventures, and curated events with three hour courses in English, French or private tutoring.

From kindergarten delights to intermediate thrills, Préfleuri offers an educational adventure wrapped in the embrace of nature.

Each age group is divided accordingly – Kindergarten camp hosts ages 3 to 4 with zoo visits and beginner level sports while the Adventure junior camp hosts intermediate level activities such as rafting and mountain biking.

3. Collège Champittet Holiday and Day Camps

Where prestige meets extracurricular excellence. Collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF allows Collège Champittet to stand as a bastion of prestige. Beyond academic excellence, the holiday and day camps at Champittet redefine off-peak periods while placing student well-being, growth, leadership and experiences well above the status-quo. These day camps provide a great option for nearby families and students to have a memorable holiday filled with activities and experiences.  

Their Nano Camp introduces young explorers, ages 3 to 5, to creative workshops, music, dance, cooking, swimming and multi-sport activities throughout the course of one week.

Courses can be attended at both their Nyon and Pully (Lausanne) campuses.

Additionally, Champittet provides other camp experiences for junior and teenagers alike including a Multisports camp, a Science camp, Sailing, Tennis, and the Techspark Academy for the digital creators, inventors, and thinkers.

Each programme echoes the spirit of holistic growth and leadership. For more information, dates, and prices click the link in the title above.

4. Collège du Léman Holiday Camps

Collège du Léman, a distinguished member of Nord Anglia Education, offers an array of enriching camps tailored for varying age groups.

Their Nano camps, catering to ages 4 to 7, provide a linguistic experience in English and French, featuring activities like Olympic games, treasure hunts, park excursions, and crafts.

For older children, the Discovery camps offer ever-evolving themes, such as the current focus on musical theatre culminating in a grand performance. The Juventus camp expertly nurtures soccer skills in alignment with a child’s natural development. 

The institution also presents summer and winter camps for a wider age range, from 8 to 18, allowing for personalised experiences based on individual preferences and interests. This distinctive approach not only fosters language acquisition and diverse skills but also ensures a luxurious and comprehensive environment for children to flourish and explore their passions.

5. Village Camps Junior Adventure Summer Camps

Perched high above Lake Geneva, Village Camps is found within the Alpine village of Leysin with the goal to invite young hearts on a journey of exploration. 

They provide one junior camp experience for ages 7 to 9. It is designed to seamlessly transition juniors into the world of camp life.

With activities and excursions to Geneva, Lausanne, and Aigle, the camp does its best to foster a safe and exciting environment.

The camp also provides alternative options for ages ranging from 7 to 17, including a tennis or robotics camp. Junior camp dates range from the end of June to mid-August.

6. Leysin American School (LAS) Summer Camps

Located in the picturesque setting of Leysin, LAS Summer Camps offer a unique take on personalised summer experiences.

Divided into two sessions from late June to early August for ages 9 to 12, LAS allows students to shape their own summers. Mornings follow an educational programme, afternoons are made for clubs and activities, and evenings become a canvas for social events. 

7. La Garenne Summer Camps 

Situated in Villars-sur-Ollon, La Garenne is an International school that transforms their campus into a summer camp adventure for juniors and teens from June to August.

Camps are divided by age groups: Minis for 6 to 9-year-olds and Juniors for 10 to 12-year-olds. You can choose between day camp or residential options at the Villars campus for a stay of 2 to 5 weeks. 

Their routine includes morning language classes in French or English, along with activities like rafting, sailing, ice skating, mountain walks, and go-karting. There are also extra activities for ages 8 to 12, such as the Lake Camp, which includes more water activities, or evening football courses.

If you’re considering a longer stay of 4 or 5 weeks, both the day camps and residential camps might be a good fit for you!


8. Les Elfes International Camp

Located in Verbier’s mountains, Les Elfes provides an abundance of camps for all ages. 

Divided into Discovery (ages 6 to 10) and Explorer (ages 11 to 14) groups, the camp blends conversational languages with thrilling activities—rock climbing, mountain excursions, mini golf, and beyond. There are two sessions that take place in late August. 

9. Camp Suisse Summer Camps

Camp Suisse ensures an extraordinary two-week programme, including five full-day excursions, a minimum of 18 hours dedicated to intensive language lessons, and an abundance of adventurous activities and sports coaching.

This camp curates distinct experiences for Junior and Senior campers, tailoring activities to suit their specific age groups. Junior campers, aged 7 to 11, are divided into vibrant red and blue groups, benefitting from smaller group sizes and a more intimate child-to-staff ratio.

The Senior campers, aged 12 to 14, form the dynamic green group, engaging in larger groups of 8 to 10 peers, fostering a focus on enhanced communication and the cultivation of lasting friendships. Each division of campers aims to provide a tailored experience, addressing the varied needs and stages of development for each group.

10. JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp

Found within the lovely Gstaad Valley in Switzerland, summer, according to JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp, is a time to be outside and to learn alongside nature. 

Designed for ages 6 to 13, the Gstaad camp challenges children towards exploration and success. Two or three-week sessions in Saanenland’s Alpine environment promise growth, learning, and above all, fun.


In a Nutshell

In the heart of Europe, Switzerland unveils a variety of exceptional junior camps – each a beacon of excellence for parents seeking the best summer camp experiences for their children. Whether prioritising leadership development, adventure, cultural immersion, or specific skill-building, there is a camp on our list that will meet your requirements. Let your child embark on an unforgettable journey of growth, exploration, and fun at one of these prestigious Swiss junior camps.


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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents


Q: Do Swiss junior summer camps offer full-boarding accommodation for international students arriving from overseas?
         A: Yes, most of these camps provide accommodation options for children coming from outside Switzerland, ensuring a comfortable stay throughout the programme. There are also day camp options that cater to families spending the summer or living nearby.

Q: Can children attend multiple camps during the summer?
         A: Some camps offer flexible schedules, allowing children to participate in multiple camps if desired. It’s best to consult with the respective camps for more information on scheduling and availability.

Q: Why choose Switzerland for a junior camp?
         A: Switzerland is a perfect destination for junior camps due to its safety, natural beauty, and multicultural atmosphere. Participants can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, explore Swiss culture, and make friends from diverse backgrounds.

Q: What are the benefits of attending a Swiss junior camp?
         A: Attending a Swiss junior camp can lead to lifelong benefits, including improved language skills, increased cultural awareness, global friendships, and enhanced personal growth and independence. Through all the activities and experiences cultivated, your child will create fond and unforgettable memories.

Q: Do participants receive any certifications or awards at the end of the camp?
         A: Depending on the camp, participants may receive certificates of completion or awards that recognise their achievements and language proficiency gains during their stay.